Wave Quantum Bracelet

Wave Quantum Bracelet Hologram
Wave Quantum Bracelet Hologram
Wave Quantum offers therapies that meet the real needs of each one.

Therapy at your side 24 hours a day.

Wave Quantum bracelets used as therapeutic modality, offer innovative technology, Q.S.R and M.Q.R, ionized magnetic biochemical bracelets with long infrared, morphic field, tourmaline, quartz, hematite and hologram.

  • High Magnetism

Using magnets and two neodymiums (super magnets), strategically positioned to get in contact with the acupuncture meridians which consequently helps in energy harmonization.

Therapeutic modalities that use magnetic fields as an alternative source of natural treatment generate the possibility of increased movement of cells and body substances, such as water, in order to obtain effects such as decreased pain, increased cell regeneration and reduced inflammation.

Wave Quantum Bracelets

This therapeutic modality has as its main possible benefits:

  1. Increased blood circulation, since the magnetic field is able to decrease the contraction of blood vessels;
  2. Rapid pain relief, as it stimulates the production of endorphins, which are natural analgesic substances;
  3. Decreased inflammation due to increased circulation and reduced blood pH;
  4. Increased regeneration of cells, tissues and bones, because it improves cell function;
  5. Prevention of premature aging and the appearance of diseases, since it eliminates toxins that damage cells and harm health.
  • Long infrared

Therapeutic modalities that use the long infrared, an energy not perceptible by sight. Titanium, platinum and aluminum, when combined, emit a light wave with a length close to 5200 nm (nanometers) that is similar to the sun’s rays in the early mornings.

The main possible benefits:

  1. Accelerates the cell renewal process;
  2. Improves growth and development of living cells in humans;
  3. Stimulates blood circulation and balances our metabolism naturally;
  4. It helps to remove toxins that leave the body via urine and perspiration;
  5. Improves muscle fatigue by reducing lactic acid, due to increased oxygen circulation in our body, (which would cause cramps);
  6. Reduction of up to 75% of joint pain;
  7. Helps against inflammation, swelling and muscle pain;
  8. Reduces acidity of your intestinal environment;
  9. Quickly recovers body temperature;

The long infrared used as a therapeutic modality has a beneficial possibility as it increases the body’s immunity, decreasing inflammation and accelerating the elimination of lactic acid and
it still acts as a pain reliever, relieving back and joint pain.

Black Tourmaline
  • Black Tourmaline

The therapeutic modalities that use black tourmaline aim to seek balance:

  1. Immune system, improves arthritis cases and favors spinal realignment.
  2. Because it emits infrared radiation in the range of nine microns, it is highly recommended to improve circulation.
  3. It also generates the possibility of dispersing stress and tension and stimulates a positive attitude towards life, thus being useful in cases of depression, anxiety and nervousness.

Tourmaline stone is well known for its health and energy benefits. In addition to protection, it purifies environments and thoughts, so it is widely used to treat psychological disorders, and health in general.

Wave Quantum Bracelets Hologram
  • Holograms

The therapeutic modalities that make use of holograms, a three-dimensional image obtained through the interference of frequency signals (waves). Who generate the possibility of helping the human body to balance itself in face of the enormous sources of positive ions emitted by the home appliances.

Its main action is to block radiation from cell phones, fluorescent lamps, microwaves, x-rays, TV, computers, motors, etc. Combined with the therapeutic modalities described above, they generate the possibilities of balance strengthening the body’s energy and immunity.

It has anti-inflammatory action, relieves pain and fever, helps in osteoarticular treatment, improves blood circulation,
combats muscle fatigue, raises sleep quality, has the ability to replenish oxygen in cells faster after physical activities, prevents stress, eliminates toxins in the blood, stimulates the intestine to work normally, decreases salt levels in the body.

  • Morphic Field

The morphological field created by the Wave Quantum bracelet connects each user to a vibrational pattern of energetic balance or rebalancing, generating vital energy through collective vibrational balance.

  • Quartz

The main benefits:

  1. Increases the positive energy potential;
  2. Has healing properties;
  3. Self knowledge;
  4. Facilitates clarification of thoughts;
  5. Strengthens concentration;
  6. Aid in meditation;
  7. Emotional balance;
  8. Enhances qualities and skills;
  9. Helps in reasoning.
  • Hematite

Main benefits: The essence of Hematite has a direct and revitalizing effect on human blood and its circulatory system. It is an excellent healing stone for any blood disorder. It also has a purifying property helping the body to eliminate toxins from the blood. The word hematite comes from the Greek and means blood.

The use of this therapeutic modality through the biochemical bracelet with Q.S.R and M.Q.R and M.F technology, can help you!

Recalling that the product does not replace a type of treatment or medication.

Wave Quantum, Your best quality of life.
Q.S.R: Quantum Safety Receiver
M.Q.R: Magnetic Quantum Receiver
M.F.: Morphic Field

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