What is my frequency?

We are an image and similarity of the sum of our desires, each being updated by the Universe that permeates it.
We are an image and similarity of the sum of our desires, each being updated by the Universe that permeates it.

This theory had been known for thousands of years by Egyptian and Babylonian astrologers, where part of medicine already unified the quantum force of the mind on the body, making physical healing faster.

What energy are you putting into your body?

A person’s mind, personality and temperament can change even the effects of a medicine, as well as the nutrients of a food. Therefore, people who suffer from the stomach, for example, should relax more and stop worrying excessively about situations that can be shared with other people or put in the background.
Eastern Philosophy for thousands of years has preached that what we think is the mind’s projection. If you want to know what your body will look like in the future, see your thoughts today.

The latest discoveries in neurobiology further reinforce the idea of ​​parallel universes of mind and body. The brain and heart have many receptor points in common, and most importantly, they share the same DNA, which means that the heart cell can behave like a brain cell, a liver cell or any other part of the body.

“Put out the fire” by changing the frequency of what you feel.
The frequency of Joy is an increase accepted as being 540 hertz and Love is in the frequency 500 hertz. Every moment, you experience a feeling. Right now, the feeling you are experiencing causes a positive or negative vibration to be emitted and the Law of Attraction is responding to the vibration you are emitting. Right now, it is harmonizing with your vibration, giving you more of the same thing, whether positive or negative. It is known that a person in the 500Hz vibration can positively affect 7,500 people who are in the 200Hz vibration range (frequency of courage).

The frequency of joy, mi note, is a tone of Solfegio that when we hear according to the frequency used will bring us giant benefits for our life. Thus, Wave quantum provides frequencies through individual resonances for each client. These Frequencies may or may not change weekly according to the frequency needs of each one.

This technology (quantum energy through waves) contains energy information with the possibility of generating and creating improvements in female and male sexual well-being (yin and yang).
Wave Quantum – Solve System

Your health, youth and happiness depend on how much you allow to love, forgive and release people and situations from your thoughts and your heart. With the objective of assisting our customers, we provide balance therapies or rebalancing individualized individuals with their personal frequency, detected with the recording of their voice and sefie.

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