Qual é a minha frequência?

We are an image and similarity of the sum of our desires, each being updated by the Universe that permeates it.

Essa teoria já era conhecida há milhares de anos por astrólogos egípcios e babilônios, onde parte da medicina já unificava a força quântica da mente sobre o corpo, tornando a cura física mais rápida.

Quantum Energy Receiver

Dog with QER in its collar

Wave Quantum Energy Receiver – PET product Wave Quantum bringing a better quality of life to your PET. Using super magnets, the therapeutic modalities that use magnetic fields as a source of alternative natural treatment generate the possibility of increased movement of cells and body substances, such as water, in order to obtain effects such as decreased pain, increased cell regeneration and reduced inflammation.

Dr. Luigi Galvani

A brilliant scientist who was born in 1737. Galvani is credited with discovering bioelectricity. Today, the study of Vane effects in biology is called electrophysiology, the term “galvanism” has been used only in historical contexts.