Quantum Energy Receiver


  • Neodymium

Used to improve blood circulation in PET’s.
According to a recent study by Daniel Dantas, magnetic therapy helps to reduce blood flow in tumors. According to one study, magnetic fields support neural research and do not damage the neural system of a biological being or disturb the parameters of the study. In addition, it is a great therapy to help reduce depression. According to a study on rabbits, neodymium magnets help prevent movement in the epiphysis of the femoral bone, which helps to increase tissue regeneration. Mostly, magnetic therapy revolves around looking for an effective pain reliever. In 1997, another study found that it works as an effective pain reliever.
Rheumatoid arthritis is a common autoimmune inflammatory disease. Although disease activity can be managed effectively with prescription drugs, unproven treatments, such as magnetic therapy, are sometimes used as adjuvants for pain control.

  • Negative Ions

They are beneficial to every biological being in four main ways: It helps to strengthen the functions of autonomic nerves. It improves the permeability of the cell (plasma membranes) improving metabolism. And it strengthens the immune system.

Purifies our blood

Through research carried out by Dr. Tanaka, in Japan, it was discovered that when negative ionization therapy is administered to a biological cup, there is an increase in the amount of negative ions in the blood, raising its alkaline level, resulting in a detoxification process ( blood purification).

Renews cellular activity

Cellular activity is stimulated when our body receives a greater amount of negative ions. The exchange of electrical material speeds up the function of cells, as a result, nutrition is fully absorbed by the cells and toxins are eliminated. The efficiency of metabolism is enhanced and the function of cells gradually restored.

Away from normal habitat, what changes?

We know, so let’s make it up to them.
When we increase the reception of negative ions

While we know that negative ions are effectively healthy for our health, the problem is that a good portion of humanity does not live close to forests, fields, mountains or near the oceans, where negative ions are available in abundance. Furthermore, when we absorb ions from the air, unfortunately the efficiency is very low. The absorption rate is only 15 to 20%. What would be much bigger in a forest

  • Infra Red

Acceleration of blood circulation: Due to the infrared reaction, there is an increase in the temperature of the deep skin and consolidation of cellular metabolism, which strongly helps in anemia, especially in young people.

Adjust blood pressure: Long infrared aids in microvascular expansion, accelerating blood circulation and reducing high blood pressure, it will also improve symptoms of low blood pressure.

Aid in joint pain: The deep penetration of the long infrared reaches deep muscle joints and heats the inside of the muscles, aiding muscle relaxation, the exchange of oxygen and nutrients in the microvascular system, eliminating the accumulation of substances related to muscle and acid fatigue lactic acid and other aging residues, as well as helping to eliminate the liquid absorption process, as well as relieving pain.

Adjustment of the nervous system: Helps with anxiety, tension, low immunity, headache, fatigue, insomnia and cold in the extremities of the biological body.

Strengthening liver function: The heat reaction caused by the long infrared activates cells, increases the capacity for tissue regeneration and promotes cell growth, strengthening liver detoxification function, improving the body’s strengthening actions and preventing disease.

Promotion of metabolism: The improvement in the microcirculation system, metabolic waste can be quickly excreted from the biological body, reducing the workload of the liver and kidney. These residues include heavy metals that can cause cancer, lactic acid, subcutaneous fat, which can cause fatigue and skin aging, and uranium ions, which can cause hypertension.

Balancing the PH degree: Long infrared can purify blood and improve skin quality, preventing excess uric acid, which can cause bone pain and arthralgia.

  • Ologram

The hologram is a three-dimensional image obtained through the interference of frequency signals (waves). Thus, the function of holograms would be to help rebalance against the enormous sources of positive ions emitted by household appliances.

  • Black Tourmaline

It is known for its purifying power.

Through monthly payment you will receive Quantum Energy continuously.

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